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the home of happy calves

Milk Bar is all about rearing healthy calves, lambs and kids. We love what we do. It is who we are.

From rural New Zealand to the world, the Milk Bar story is one of innovation and dedication to improving calf health.

Needing a solution to combat the common health issues faced when raising calves, the Milk Bar Teat was researched and designed on a family farm in New Zealand.

Using nature as a guide it was discovered that if calves nurse with a controlled flow of milk they don't get the typical problems of nutritional diarrhoea, the calves are heavier and they don't cross suckle.

It makes sense to feed calves at the same speed as a cow does and our wonderful Milk Bar Teat does just that, feeds nice and slow for happy, healthy calves!

We like to get up close and personal with our end users so we spend a good deal of time in calf pens, goat houses and lamb sheds. We understand the problems farmers face across all our markets and we've worked really hard to come up with solutions to fit every rearing system from individual to group feeding.

Since 1989, Milk Bar has lead the way in the innovation of rearing systems. Still family owned and run, Milk Bar is a tight knit team based in New Zealand and Europe with market partners in 54 countries. 

Have a look at our lovely products here or if you want to read some interesting research you can find it here.

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